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Project Specialist

Q Sentral @ Kuala Lumpur

Full Time

Salary: RM8k - 15k

About the Role

You will work together with the CTO and his teams to lead, manage, and execute IT projects from start to finish, ensuring their timely completion within budget and to the satisfaction of stakeholders.



  • Gather requirements.

  • Communicate with all parties (management, vendors, partners, client, colleagues, etc.).

  • Conduct research.

  • Implement plans (timelines, budgets, resource, etc.).

  • Coordinate activities.

  • Monitor progress.

  • Report status.

  • Identify and mitigate risks.

  • Write documents.

  • Ensure compliancy.

  • Safeguard our interest.

  • Execute random tasks, see example below.

Example of tasks

  • Resolve issues with authorities (LHDN, custom, DBKL, BNM, auditor, etc.).

  • Liaise with vendors (payment gateway, telco, distributors, contractors, outsource, etc.).

  • Draft and assess agreements.

  • Negotiate terms, timeline, and budget.

  • Manage hundreds of different accounts (Wix, GoDaddy, Maxis, DIGI, Celcom, WeChat, Whatsapp, Microsoft, GCP, Huawei, etc.),

  • Track account expiry and payment deadlines.

  • Draft proposal and submit tender.

  • Organize meetings and events (opening ceremony, press conference, lunch, dinner, etc.).

  • Compare subscription plans and provide recommendations.

  • Invite ministries to the opening ceremony.

  • Prepare the necessary requirements for importing goods.

  • Set up an operational team to install systems across 100 branches in Malaysia.

These examples are just a glimpse. Rest assured, you won't handle all these tasks alone. Your role will involve liaising with relevant personnel and scaling the team for successful execution.



  • Leadership skill.

  • Interpersonal skill.

  • Multitasking skill (20 projects simultaneously).

  • Problem-solving skill.

  • Organizational skill.

  • Proficient in spoken and written English.

  • Talk cock skill that do not look like talk cock.

Best if

  • You are quick, attentive, proactive, and precise.

  • You are exceptional at handling impromptu and spontaneous tasks.

  • You are skilled in negotiation, bargaining, and protecting our interest.

  • You are street smart with the ability to devise contingency plans.

  • You are effective at prioritizing and delegating tasks.

  • You have the ability to switch contexts while staying organized.

  • You are prompt in responding to calls, emails and messages.

  • You are able to work odd hours and overtime.

  • You can drink and social.

  • You have experience in software development or IT projects.

  • You are one of these: ESTJ, ISTJ, ESFJ, ISFJ, ESTP, ISTP.

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