Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 


Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

In the age of analytics, ERP serves as a perfect conduit in facilitating a business’ digital transformation journey. The continuous stream of data helps enterprises to make quick and tactical business decisions. A Panorama Consulting Solutions Research Report notes that 81% of organisations are in the process of adopting or have already adopted ERP for resource management, meaning that they are ahead of the curve. 


An ERP system is essential for organisations across all industries to manage and integrate their crucial business functions and run them on a single platform. The ERP system will capture, store, manage and process information electronically in real-time and through a structured set of data



What we do:

  • Design and develop ERP system, include customization on system dashboards for the business owner’s ease of  reference

  • Develop & implement ERP platform for outlet management as well as allow business owners to connect more efficiently with the customers


  • Installation, troubleshoot and provide support to ERP solutions


  • Customise ERP features to include vast range of applications and modules to cater to specific industries or businesses

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