Re-Energy Solutions

Environmental sustainability is the defining issue of our time, which accentuates the importance of re-energy solutions. Currently, power generation in Malaysia is still dominated by fossil fuel such as gas and coal - a depleting resource. To achieve environmental sustainability and energy security, renewable resources such as sunlight, wind, rain and geothermal heat, is increasingly seen as an ideal alternative to fossil fuels.


In line with the Malaysian government’s goal to increase the country’s reliance on renewable energy supply to 20% by 2030 , we look forward to partnering likeminded organisations and build re-energy solutions to create a more sustainable future.


To date, we have secured a solar panel project with USAINS Infotech Sdn Bhd (UISB), a wholly-owned subsidiary of University Sains Malaysia, to install, operate and manage the solar photovoltaic system at USM Faculty of Engineering, which is located on a 364-acre land in Nibong Tebal, Penang.


Grid Management System (GMS)

  • Formulation of smart grid strategies & system planning (design), construction (C&S), project management (M&E), control operations, maintenance and more


  • Grid modernization using smart management that enables better and smarter energy optimization


  • Provide end-to-end project deployment


Hybrid Energy Management

  • Provide solution that combines primary solar power from a PV system with another secondary power generating energy source such as diesel generators, fuel cells, battery storage system, etc.


  • Provide end-to-end project deployment



Solar Energy Distribution

  • Provide software and hardware solutions for solar photovoltaic (PV) system


  • Provide end-to-end project deployment including site assessment & acquisition, design, install, operate, manage and maintain the solar PV system 

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