Internet of Things (IoT)



We design smart home solutions which can integrate a range of electrical appliances, centralised control and remote monitoring, accessible via mobile devices (iOS and Android) and Windows operating system.


We provide comprehensive professional electrical wire installation and home data network with safe and restorable smart home system design.


We offer smart home products and integration services that connect kitchen, closet or office to the smart home network and integrate it flawlessly with other smart home appliances.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

In the age of analytics, ERP serves as a perfect conduit in facilitating a business’ digital transformation journey. The continuous stream of data helps enterprises to make quick and tactical business decisions.


  • Design and develop ERP system, include customization on system dashboards for the business owner’s ease of reference


  • Installation, troubleshoot and provide support to ERP solutions


  • Customise ERP features to include vast range of applications and modules to cater to specific industries or  businesses

Re-Energy Solutions

Environmental sustainability is the defining issue of our time, which accentuates the importance of re-energy solutions. Currently, power generation in Malaysia is still dominated by fossil fuel such as gas and coal - a depleting resource. To achieve environmental sustainability and energy security, renewable resources such as sunlight, wind, rain and geothermal heat, is increasingly seen as an ideal alternative to fossil fuels.


In line with the Malaysian government’s goal to increase the country’s reliance on renewable energy supply to 20% by 2030 , we look forward to partnering likeminded organisations and build re-energy solutions to create a more sustainable future.

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