Internet of Things

Connect smart devices and harness the massive data into valuable information





We design smart home solutions which can integrate a range of electrical appliances, centralised control and remote monitoring, accessible via mobile devices (iOS and Android) and Windows operating system.


We provide comprehensive professional electrical wire installation and home data network with safe and restorable smart home system design.


We offer smart home products and integration services that connect kitchen, closet or office to the smart home network and integrate it flawlessly with other smart home appliances.


We provide a complete solution with full turnkey deployment from designing, installation, testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning of various IoT systems & devices as well as integration of automated systems for smart building, including installation of wire and wireless & mechatronic works.


We also provide IoT System, Engineering, Procurement, Commissioning and Management to property developer & contractor, whereby we

  • act as the sole project consultant to handle all resources, scope, time, cost, risk, communication, procurement, contracts, quality etc,


  • manage the integration of the whole system into the development project, including engineering works of IoT, ensuring the suitability of the procurement of development material, commissioning of installation of IoT system and devices,


in order for the development project to meet the various standard and specification to be developed and completed, in a well developed framework.


For both water supply management solutions and water meter systems, we offer:


  • software & hardware, data management and analytics tools.


  • integrate, configure, perform pre-commissioning & commissioning as well as testing of smart water meter system


  • provide insights for customer care and billing, analysis, operations and maintenance.


This enables a new level of operational efficiency, accurate billing, revenue protection.

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