The Fourth Industrial Revolution means companies will need to adjust their sails to navigate through the challenges brought upon by technological revolution. New technologies are continually emerging and become mainstream; as they are woven into the fabric of our daily lives which make it essential for companies - regardless of their field - to keep up with the times or risk falling behind.   Both young and mature industries will be affected by new waves of technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML) and renewable energy; on a granular level, households are no exception. While this can disrupt business models, technological advances doesn’t have to sting - and that’s where ARB Berhad (“ARB”) comes in. 



ARB was incorporated in Malaysia in October 1997 under the Companies Act, 1965 and was listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad in February 2004. We evolved from timber as our core business to include IT solutions and services. Subsequently, in April 2019, we changed our company name to ARB to reflect our new corporate identity and value. 

Since the diversification of our business, we have experienced accelerated growth, clinching lucrative deals and establishing a strong base of clientele and partners, both locally and abroad. Our stellar growth owes much to our experienced and talented management team who come with vast and diverse experiences. With our talented management team and our commitment for excellence, we look forward to grow from strength to strength.


Digital transformation, or the integration of digital technology in businesses, is vital for the growth of organisations in ensuring they are ready for the future. 

As ARB continuously evolves in tandem with up to-date technologies, we provide the best and innovative IT solutions and services to businesses across a range of industries to help them stay relevant and ahead of the competitive business environment as the world becomes increasingly digital. 

Meanwhile, as businesses and residential households look for more reliable, affordable and sustainable energy solutions, ARB is also working to meet these needs by delivering sustainable solutions.

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